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    1. Paper Container Forming Solution Supplier
      Founded in 1998,

      Shunda is a professional manufacturer of paper

      container forming machinery integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance.
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      Haining Shunda Machinery Co., Ltd.
      • Haining Shunda Machinery Co., Ltd.

        company established in

      • Haining Shunda Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Sell to Countries

      • Haining Shunda Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Technicial Staff

      • Haining Shunda Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Plant Area

      Cups and Containers

      Our machines can produce cups of various shapes to meet different needs.

      Why Choose Us
      • Feedback
        Fault statistic feedback.
      • Whole Sales
        Whole Sales
        Provide product introduction and selection. Customized machines provide design and consulting.
      • Parts Sales
        Parts Sales
        Parts replacement or repair in whole machine life.
      • Service
        On-site installation guide, assistant debugging, routine maintenance, maintenance personnel training.
      • Solutions
        Design the future products, build the intelligent factory.
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